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Price Calculation


Reduce Truck price

Price: 35000 For every year reduce price by .5% Age: 36 Months For every 1000 miles on truck reduce that number by .2% Truck Price: 28700 Miles: 50000 Take that number and reduce .02% for each... more
Price Calculation


10 tickets cost 39.50 how much is one ticket

I am modeling for a show in La and one of the requirements is I need to sell 10 tickets and it'll cost me 39.50 in total I need to know the price for one to determine if it's reasonable to do this job more
Price Calculation


A sign at the store reads, 3 notebooks for 6$ what is the price per notebook

what is the price per notebook
Price Calculation Cost Volume Profit Total Amount


Shipping cost is what % of my order?

My amazon purchase total was $00.06 to the same vendor for 6 different items arriving in one package. The shipping total was $31.00. How would I word the obvious problem with this order when... more
Price Calculation


a group of people ordered pencils. the bill was $1.87. if the original price of each was 12 cents and the price has risen, how much does each cost?

 i want to know how much each pencil cost.
Price Calculation Business Marketing Break Even


Price Setting question, please help!

I answered a through e, but I do need help with f. Could someone please help me answer this?   4. Suppose you were considering going into the car-wash business and investing in a new kind of... more
Price Calculation


2 muffins and a carton of milk cost $3.35. If 5 muffins and a carton of milk cost $5.60 what's the cost of 2 cartons of milk?

A. $0.75 B. $1.50 C. $1.85 D. $3.70
Price Calculation


$32 reduced by 25%

32 reduced by 25%
Price Calculation


If 1.45 acres sells for $175,000 what is the price for 1 acre

What is the price per acre
Price Calculation


A sheet of 4 ft by 12 ft metal costs $115.00 If I cut it to a 3 ft x 3 ft piece, how do I figure the cost of the cut piece?

need to calculate how much a piece of metal costs after it has been cut down.

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