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make a judgement as to whether if stem cells research issues are important enough to stop the development.

does anyone know a judgement based on stem cells research and how it is important enough to stop the development I need help.


Physical Science Math

A volume of helium occupies 1.0 L at a pressure of 98.0 kPa. What is the new volume if the pressure drops to 86.2 kPa? Show work.


Physical Science Math

A car weighing 15,000 N is on a hydraulic lift platform measuring 10 m2. What is the area of the smaller piston if a force of 1,100 N is used to lift the car? Please show work


Physical Science Math

A car weighs 15,000 N and its tires are inflated to a pressure of 190,000 Pa. How large is the area of the car's tires that are in contact with the road? Please show work.
Science Math


If a train is travelling at a constant speed of 55 mph, how long will it take the train to travel 28 miles?

 I just need help with this problem for a homework assignment. All i know about this problem you gotta use the equation v=dt or something like that. 
Science Math Science Physics


What is the volume of a rock with density 3.68 and mass of 430 g?

What is the volume of a rock with a density of 3.68 g/cm3 and a mass of 430 g?
Science Math


10 mL block of copper is 40 g. How would you solve for density?

 this is a hard math problem and I need some help wit it plyz help
Science Math


science math

A 160-g hockey puck is at rest on the ice. A player then strikes the puck to accelerate it to a speed of 30 m/s. The puck slides on the ice, decelerating at a constant rate due to friction with the... more
Science Math


Each bean has a mass of 0.7 grams. A machine can process 200 grams of beans every second. How many jars can the machine fill in 1 minute?

Roughly 500 beans can fit in a standard canning jar. 

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