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5 Answered Questions for the topic Iteration

Iteration Python


How to remove items from a list while iterating?

I'm iterating over a list of tuples in Python, and am attempting to remove them if they meet certain criteria. for tup in somelist: if determine(tup): code_to_remove_tupWhat... more

Way to go from recursion to iteration?

I've used recursion quite a lot on my many years of programming to solve simple problems, but I'm fully aware that sometimes you need iteration due to memory/speed problems.So, sometime in the very... more
Iteration Ruby Syntax


In Ruby, how do I skip a loop in a .each loop, similar to 'continue'?

In Ruby, how do I skip a loop in a `.each` loop, similar to `continue` in other languages?
Iteration Math Help


Iterate to 3 iterations

1. Iterate to 3 iterations, letting z = 0 be the seed z^2 + 1.5


2x^4+3x^3-4x^2-3x+2=0 Solve using Newton Raphson method

Please solve using Newton Raphson Method...Iteration and  graph

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