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General College Math


out of 420 who took a test, 260 passed what is the percentage of the students that passed?

out of 420 students who took a statistics test, 260 passed. what percentage of he stdents passed the test?   
General College Math


A​ full-time employee who works 40 hours per week earns ​$9.50 per hour. Estimate that​ person's annual income.

Round 52 weeks to 50 weeks per year, and round the hourly wage to the nearest dollar for the estimate. The estimate of annual income nothing. (Round to the nearest thousand as needed.) Use 52... more
General College Math


If a # b and1/x+1/a=1/b,then x

*# tht sign is supposed to be two vertical lines crossed by one horizontal slanting line
General College Math Math Chemistry Biochemistry


help with chemistry please!

In the reaction 2KClO3(s) --> 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g)How many liters of oxygen gas at STP are produced from 17.4 g of... more
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Create an exponential function of the the form Q= Q_0

The number of restaurants in a city that has a 780 restaurants in 2013 increases at a rate 2.8% per year. (a)Create an exponential function of the the form Q= Q_0 \times (1+r)^t (where r > 0 for... more
General College Math


2 minor league baseball players got a total of 320 hits. Washington had 16 more hits than Sanchez. Find the number of hits for each player.

Help me. I don't understand this question and my homeworks due at 11 pm tonight.


Determine the solution to the system of inequalities.

2x-y<4 y>-x+1
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Nicholas is a toy collector and is investing in webkinz stuffed animals.

He purchased some basset hounds for $50 each and twice as many black cats for $14 each. If Nicholas spent a total of &624, how many seet hounds and how many black cats did Nicholas purchase?
General College Math


if your car gets $29 miles per gallon, how much does it cost to drive 340 miles when gasoline costs $2.60 per gallon?

I have tried to answer this math problem 10 times and still seem to get it wrong. Somebody please help me.!!
General College Math Word Problem Interest Rates


I'm not sure how to solve this or even how to set up the equation.

Melissa Patterson won $12000 in a contest. She decided to invest part of the money at 3% simple interest, and put the rest in an investment paying 4% simple interest. At the end of the year, she... more
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8+4(3c-1) how to solve

8+4(3c-1) how to solve
General College Math


Carl is 31, and is expected to live another 45.1 years. does this mean he will live to be 76.1 years?

for an insurance premium

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