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Discontinuity Calculus Differentiability


Discontinuity and Non Differentiability given a function f(x)

Examine the function f(x)= (4(x+1)^2/5)/x^2-x-6 for points of discontinuity and non differentiability. a) obtain a graph of the function on -8< or equal to x < or equal to 8 and -3 < or... more


What is the jump discontinuity of f(x)=8/(x^2+2)

What is jump, removable, infinite, other discontinuity


Points of discountity

how do we find the points of discountity of f(x)=8x/5x^2-1?   If i made the denominator =0 i would get squared 1/5 and then when i will plug it back it will be undefined or am i doing it wrong !   more


What is the value of c that will make f continuous at x=3?

QUESTION- what is the value of c that will make f continuous at x=3?    (1/x-2)-1/x-3 if x>3    cx+1 if x< or = 3 
Discontinuity Irrational Function


Identifying type of discontinuity

if g(x) = 1/ [e^1/x - 1] what type of discontinuity is at x=0.  I graphed the function using desmos and I know the function shows jump discontinuity at x=0 but I do not know how to arrive at this... more


identify any points of discontinuity and determine if they are removable, infinite, or jump discontinuities

f(x)=[sin(x^2-4)]^-1    give reasons on why it is the specific discontinuity
Discontinuity Continuity And Limits


best description on figuring out if this is jump, infinite, continous, or removable

g(x)= {1/(x-2) if x<1 {2x-4 if x> or equal to 1
Discontinuity Continuity And Limits


if the following is continuous, what is a

h(t)={2t+b if t<0 {2cos(t)-3 if 0< or equal to t < or equal to pi/2 {asin(t)+5b if t>pi/2


What value for f(0) would make f(x) continuous at x=0

               5/x + (-4x+5)/x(x-1) if x≠0,1 Let f(x)=   7   if x=0   What value for f(0) would make f(x) continuous at x=0 Must redefine f(0)=?   Please list all steps... plzzz!!!
Discontinuity Limits Functions Pre Calculus


Limits help!!!

  Determine whether the function is continuous or discontinous. Justify your reasoning. If discontinuous, identify points of discontinuity.                   2-X^2 if X <= 1 ƒ(x)=... more
Discontinuity Calculus 1


List all Values of discontinuity

f(x)= {2x-1 if x ≤ -1          {3x if -1<x<1          {x+1 if x≥ 1   FIND THE VALUES OF DISCONTINUITY FOR THIS FUNCTION .     
Discontinuity Removable


Show that f(x) has a removable discontinuity

Let f(x)=(2x2+4x-16)/(x-2) show that f(x) has a removable discontinuity at x=2 and determine what value for f(2) would make f(x) continuous at x=2 must define f(x)= 

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