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10 Answered Questions for the topic Chain Rule

Chain Rule Calculus Derivative


Compute f'(x) in three different ways

f(x)=(2x^2-5)^21.) multiplying out and then differentiating2.) Using the product rule3.) Using the chain ruleShow that the results coincide
Chain Rule Math Calculus


Extending Differentiation (Confused...)

VOLUME : A spherical balloon is inflated with gas at the rate of 500 cubic centimeters per minute. How fast is the radius of the balloon increasing at the instant the radius is (a) 30 cm and (b) 60... more
Chain Rule Math Calculus


Extending Differentiation

Given that y=1/2x-1 + 1/(2x-1)^2, find the exact value of dy/dx when x=2
Chain Rule Math Calculus


How do I solve d/dx e^(2x)(x^2 + 5^x)?

I believe I am supposed to use the chain rule? I am still new to the concept so please, step by step how would I solve this?
Chain Rule Calculus 3


Using chain rule to find formula

Let f(x,y,z) = ex+ysinz, and let x= g(s,t), y=h(s,t), z=k(s,t) and m(s,t)=f(g(s,t),h(s,t),k(s,t)). Find a formula for mst using the chain rule and verify that your answer is symmetric in s and t.
Chain Rule Calculus Derivatives


Using chain rule and product/quotient rule, find derivative of sin(3x^2)/x when x=(squareroot of pi)

sin(3x^2)x^-1   this is how far I got.  when do I sub in √pi ? what do I do next?
Chain Rule


I'm having trouble approaching this problem. The problem says: differentiate with respect to t: y=bcost+t^2sint.

The chain rule has been giving me problems. Maybe some tips on carrying the chain rule through? 
Chain Rule Math Calculus


let h(x)=f(g(x)). Find: (a) h'1 (b) h'(2) (c) h'(3)

Need help   let h(x)=f(g(x)). Find: (a) h'1 (b) h'(2) (c) h'(3)
Chain Rule Derivatives


third derivative

f(x) = ln(ln(7x)) = f'''(x) = ?
Chain Rule



Use the chain rule using all steps possible

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