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Balance Math Equation


How many squares would it take to balance one disk?

If 3 triangles is equal to 5 disks, and if 1 triangle is equal to 2 squares plus 1 disk,  how many squares would it take to balance one disk? 


Methane has the formula CH4. For the combustion of 237 g of methane we produce 802.3 KJ of heat energy

how much heat do we produce? write and balance the equation classify the reaction type and endo/exothermic what does enthalpy indicate write the balanced equation showing energy as a... more


Given 63.1 g of hydrochloric acid and 17.2 g of oxygen products are water and 49.3 g of chlorine

write and balance the equation determine the limiting reactant determine theoretical yield and percent yield


Write and balance the equation for the formula of aluminum oxide from its elemental composition.

also, determine the limiting reactant give 1.0 g of aluminum and 1.0 g of oxygen


What formula can you use to solve credit card issues

Assume that you start with a balance of $5000 on your MasterCard. Assume that MasterCard has finance charges of 16% APR and that each month you make only the minimum payment of 4% of the balance.... more


Na2CO3 + HCl → NaCl + CO2 + H2O

balance chemical equations


Balance of account

My son is graduating from college and will no longer require WyzAnt. Can I receive a my balance back in a check?   Thanks for your service throughout the years.

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