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Apex Math


What is the slope of the line through (0,4) (3,-2)

How do collisions between molecules transfer energy from a system of reacting substances to its surroundings?

A.) They cause heat to flow from the system to the surroundings.B.) They cause the thermal energy of the surroundings to decrease.C.) They cause the potential energy of the system to increase.D.)... more
Apex Algebra 1


dog business project for apex

10. What are the break-even points of the profit function (the values of x where profit equals 0)? Use the quadratic formula. (4 points: 2 points for each x-value) 11. According to your model,... more
Apex Algebra 1


What is the point-slope equation of the line with slope that goes through the point (-3, 5)?

I am doing algebra 1 and i need some answers or help with some math .. i have up to tomorrow to complete my Apex.

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