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Where are the LGBTQ+ Books in my Classes' Syllabus?

Why are there no prominent LGBT+ classics in your AP Literature or College class syllabus?
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Read this excerpt from Franklin's Autobiography and answer the question that follows.1)Walking down again toward the river, and, looking in the faces of people, I met a young Quaker man, whose... more
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AP LANG Question Pls help

Using your own knowledge of politics and events in recent years, develop the fourth paragraph of the essay (reproduced below), so that it provides more explicit evidence and commentary to support... more
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Poem: My PictureHere, take my Likeness with you, whilst 'tis so;For when from hence you go,The next Suns rising will beholdMe pale, and lean, and old.The Man who did this Picture draw, (5)Will... more
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The sentence(s) below has one or more blanks. Beneath each sentence(s) are five words or sets of words. Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

He believed that in order to _________ the problem fully, he would need to understand all of its _________.A) solve...positionsB) embrace...nuancesC) comprehend...extremeD) experience...thoughtsE)... more
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The tone of the passage can best be described as: melodramatic. earnest. ironic. informal. lyrical.

Douglass’s Autobiography: history and narrative
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AP Lit Essay Help "The Stranger" by Albert Camus

I have my AP lit final next week, and to prepare I have been going through previous AP prompts to try and formulate responses or general ideas. I figure if I can do most of the past ones I could do... more
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Can anyone help me write a story using these words?

surmise    ... more
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What happens to the team and its owners

I'm in tenth grade and have no clue why my teacher gives us this big gigantic literature book full of all kinds of stories in it and one of the stories that we are reading now in The Call Of The... more
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rhetorical device?

what is a rhetorical device and what all does it encompass?

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