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find an equation of the line passing through point (2, 1) and perpendicular to y=2x-3/2

I suck in math so please help math geniuses.
Algebra Linear Function


A local retailer has determined that the number x of PortaBoy game systems sold in a week is related to the price p in dollars of each system

105game systems were sold when the price was $70. When the systems went on sale the following week, 175 systems were sold at $50 a piece.   Find a linear function which fits this data. Use the... more
Algebra Linear Function Linear Equations



Sharlise bought a commuter pass, and after 6 rides to and from LMC, her commuter pass is worth 23.10. After 12 rides to and from LMC, her commuter pass is worth 13.20. Rosa pays $57.00 for... more
Algebra Linear Function


Slope, y and x intercept

What is the slope, y an x intercept if any for:   f(x)=4


Linear function

The manufacturing process requires that oil refineries manufacture at least 2 gallons of gasoline for each gallon of fuel oil. To meet the demand for fuel oil, at least 3 million gallons per day... more


Linear function

A local theater sells tickets for childre, adults, and senior citizen. Adult tickets are $8.00, children's tickets are $4.00, and senior tickets are $6.00. One day the theater sells 700 tickets and... more
Algebra Linear Function


trying to figure out equation for linear function. if you have a 5 gal bucket add it takes 8 teaspoon to make 5 gal of fertilizer what is equation

Basically it looks like this   5      8 10   16 15    24 20    32   What is equation? 

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