Jackie J.

asked • 04/16/20

Can someone answer these for me

a. Identify the method for determining the number of electoral votes allocated in each state.

b. Identify how electoral votes are allocated to each candidate in most states. 

c. Describe one way that the Electoral College benefits each of the following types of states:

 - States with small popuations 

 - States with large populations

 - Swing states/battleground states

 - Explain how a candidate can win the Electoral College without winning the national popular vote

a. Identify one pattern in teh table/chart/figure

b. Explain why a state may opt for a closed primary rather than an open primary. 

c. Explain why candidates may behave differently in open primary states rather than closed primary states. 

d. Explain how voters may behave strategically in open primary states rather than closed primary states. 

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