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how do i add mix numbers

hello my name is adrainne randle and am study for my ged but i still don't know how to do somethings like adding mixed numbers so am hopeing your able to helpme please

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Lisa M. | Experienced tutorExperienced tutor

First thing is to make sure that your denominators are the same.  The denominator is the bottom number of the fraction.  Find the LCD, least common denominator so for example if you are trying to add 3 and 1/4 plus 2 and 1/3 you need to find a multiple that the numbers 3 and 4 both have in common.  They might have many numbers in common so you have to find the smallest number they have in common.  In this case the number is 12, both 3 and 4 can go into 12 evenly.  to make 1/3 have a denominator of 12 you have to multiply the whole fraction by twelve.  4/12 is what 1/3 becomes.  then you have to make 1/4 have a denominator of 12 also 1/4 will become 3/12.  Now that your fractions have the same denominator you just add.  Add the fractions first and then add the whole numbers.  So my sample problem of 3 and 1/4 plus 2 and 1/3 becomes 3 and 3/12 plus 2 and 4/12 = 5 and 7/12.  After you add you try to simplify the fraction if possible.  5 and 7/12 can't be simplified so this would be the final answer.

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Hi Adrianne...a short(I hope...but don't ask my students...)this is a kind of question many of my students have trouble let me explain...add to the previous answer to explain why we get the answer... Remember when you did these kinds of math problems... 14 = 10 + 4 or 29 = 10 + 9 remember those? with that in mind...consider 4 3/4(in words...four and three forths) is the same as 4 + 3/4 Right? so...with mixed fractions...combine all the whole numbers together and add which will give you a sum then...combine all the fractions together and add...remembering the denominators ALL have to be the same...will give you a sum combine both sums together like the examples above... Hope this helps..
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You collect integer parts and fraction parts separately, and then simplify the results.

Example: 3 (1/4) + 2 (3/4) = (3+2) + (1/4 + 3/4) = 5 + 1 = 6