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1/x + 1/x^2

add the fractions

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Hey Christine,

Just like regular old fractions, we want to find a common denominator for these guys.

Let's multiply the 1/x by 1, but let's express 1 as x/x.

(x/x)(1/x) + 1/x2

Multiplying that out, we get

x/x2 + 1/x2

Now that we've found the common denominator, we can add the numerators and put them over one denominator.

So, our answer would be:


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You can also cross multiply the fractions (which is unfortunately awkward to show in this answer box):

1/x + 1/x2 = (x2 + x)/(x*x2) then pull a factor of x from the numerator

x(x + 1)/x3 = (x + 1)/x2