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what is 1/2 x squared

solving for the y-intercept?



I am not sure what you question is.  Could your write out the whole problem?

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From what I'm understanding, you have a quadratic function  ---  ƒ(x) = (1/2)x2    or     y = (1/2)x2  ---  and you are looking to find the y-intercept of this function, which is the point at which the function crosses the y-axis (or, in other words, it is the point at which  x=0).

To find the y-intercept, we simply plug in 0 for x in the equation of the function and solve for y. This value for y is the y-intercept. That is,

              ƒ(x) = (1/2)x2         ,      x = 0

              ƒ(0) = (1/2)(0)2

                     = (1/2)(0)

                     = 0

Thus, since ƒ(0)=0, the y-intercept is at the point (0, 0).


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To solve for the y-intercept of an equation, we need to set the x-value equal to 0 and solve for the y value.  The resultant y-value is the value where the function crosses the y-axis.  By setting x=0, we get y=(1/2)*(0)^2 = 0.  The y-intercept of y=(1/2)x^2 is 0.

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