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what are four stages of drug abuse?

Describe the four patterns of drug abuse: experimental users, occasional users, regular users and dependent users. (I'm preparing for a final exam and these are my notes if anyone is able to answer this question it would be greatly appreciated.)

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Drug abuse begins with experimentation, either for the purpose of curiosity or recreation, or to help an individual cope with a problem. At this point some users may discontinue use while others go on to use a substance on a regular basis. Some people at this stage can stop using the drug if they choose, while others go on to develop dependency and risky, maladaptive behaviors such as driving under the influence. Drug use becomes abuse when an individual continues using drugs despite adverse social and legal consequences. During this stage, dependence increases, and the individual develops cravings, and becomes preoccupied with getting the drug. The final stage involves dependence and addiction despite adverse consequences of drug abuse on the individual's health, finances, relationships, and ability to sustain employment.