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Medical Assistant



In this scenario, the patient is 24 inches in length. How many centimeters will be noted on the growth chart, for patient length? Note: Round your answer to the nearest whole number and hundredth... more
Medical Assistant


What is the connection between the liver (organ), UV radiation (sunlight), and bone tissue?

 Anatomy physiology 
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Asking what is the heart disorder/condition? ECG showed no P Wave

A young woman was at the gym doing great her normal workout. She would spend 45 minutes on the elliptical and then 15 minutes doing weight training. This was the regular routine for her as she did... more
Medical Assistant


Basal cell carcinomas rarely metastasize, but they do recur.

 for my medical assisting final term 1
Medical Assistant


To be effective, a suspension must be shaken before administered.

To be effective, a suspension must be shaken before administered.
Medical Assistant


What is the weird fluttering sensation in the back of my head? Do I need to worry?

Today I got this weird sensation on the back of my head on the the left side, and I have never had the feeling before. This strange feeling happened about 6 times all day. It feels like as a fly... more
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Sometimes it is helpful to add _____ in order to distinguish yeast from Erythrocytes.

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