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Alex C.

asked • 04/29/16

Find the area of the rectangle

Points are (-2,5) (3,5) (3,-4) (-2,-4)

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Kenneth S. answered • 04/29/16

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Rolando S.

In order for the student to understand I suggest that one has to show them every single detail no matter how obvious it seems to us as tutors. For instance in this exercise it will been better in my opinion for you to mention the distance formula and the formula for area of a rectangle length x width or base x height. Well hope you do not take it as a personal offensive thing. Just trying to tell and convince you that students have a hard time understanding when professors and facilitators skip steps.


Kenneth S.

I comment on Rolando's Comment.  One picture is worth a thousand words. I suggested that the rectangle be graphed. Visualization is a very powerful aspect of problem solving. One can actually COUNT how many steps, or units, from one vertex to another, when the rectangle's sides are parallel to the axes.
I expect every student to THINK while working a problem. Thinking, combined with the graph, and with the FREE professional advice I gave, still leaves some responsibility on the student, WHICH IS AS IT SHOULD BE.
I would imagine that the teacher had mentioned the distance formula, but obviously this student did not perceive it as a useful tool, so I provided a more straightforward method.  In general, anything related to Geometry should involve a diagram, figure, or the like, as a vehicle upon which to focus.


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