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what are the length and width of a rectangle whose diagonals are 24 and 22?

 I will need diagonals of 24 and 22 in my rectangle.  What length and width will I have?  
Diagonals Geometry Rectangle


ABCD is a rectangle with diagonals BD and AC that intersect at X. BD=12x-6 inches and AX=4x+5 inches. What is DX?

I was asked this question in math and I don't understand how to figure it out. Geometry does not come easy to me at all! Thanks!
Diagonals Math Geometry


If a 100 by 104 rectangle is divided into unit squares, a diagonal line will pass through how many unit squares?

3 by 3 square diagonal passes through 3 squares. 3 by 6 diagonal passes through 6 squares. The answer is not 104.
Diagonals Pentagon Ratio


Finding ratio from diagnol to side in a regular pentagon

Given a regular pentagon, find the ratio of the diagonal d, to its side a.
Diagonals Algebra 1 Geometry


A quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides and with diagonals that are perpendicular is a rhombus

A quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides and with diagonals that are perpendicular is a rhombus. Quadrilateral ABCD has vertices A(-2,2), B(1,6), C(6,6), D(3,2). Show that ABCD is a... more


The width of a rectangle is 6 less than twice its length. If the area of the rectangle is 102 square centimeters, what is the length of the diagonal?

Note: Your answer must be a number accurate to two decimal places.
Diagonals Parallelograms


How do i solve for X knowing the length of half of a diagonal and the whole length of the same diagonal?

I have a parallelogram labeled TSQR and H is the midpoint. I am supposed to solve for X given SH= 2x+7 and SQ= 2x+14, how do i setup the equation to solve for X?

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