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2x_ =(2x5) + 2x1) what is the answer?

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Hi Joseph,
Assuming you're using 'x' to mean multiplication (rather than using it as a variable), and assuming you're using '_' to mean a blank to fill in, your question of:
can be reduced to:
2 x _ = 10 + 2
2 x _ = 12
So, what times 2 equals 12?
If that's not what you're asking you may want to clarify your question. For instance, if you're using x as a variable and the number after x is supposed to be an exponent, use the superscript button at the top of the text window to create the exponent. The superscript button is the one labeled 'x2', next to the button labeled 'Ω'. Also make sure you clarify what you mean by the underscore.