What is the formula for the size of the union of three sets A, B and C

In Finite Math they ask many questions about the size of a set that is related to other sets. If you know the formulae you can get the answer quickly..

Complete the table by solving the parallelogram shown in the figure. (The lengths of the diagonals are given by c and d. Round your answers to two decimal places.)

a = ____b = 24c = 53d = 37𝜃 = ____ °𝜑 = ____ °(I need the actual answers, not long explanations please)


Assume a population of fish grows exponentially.

Assume a population of fish grows exponentially. A pond is stocked initially with 500 fish. After 9 months, there are 1,000 fish in the pond. The owner will allow his friends and neighbors to fish... more

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