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Did Jesus really need the apostles?

I'm sorry, but I've been working all day and I'm too lazy to find 7 sentences about this. please provide me with 7 reasons why this statement is true


Business Math Class

The museum of science in Boston estimated that 73% of all visitors came from within the state. On Saturday, 2,500 people attended the museum. How many attended the museum from out of state ?


maths question for homework

Mrs Charles ordered 150 pencils and 225 pens for the academy store. The pens cost 15 cents more than the pencils. Mrs Charles’ total order was $135. Mrs. Charles was quite surprised by this amount... more


Are there multiple versions of the Quran?

Much like how the Bible has multiple versions (KJV, ESV, etc.), does the Quran have different english versions? If so, how are they different? What changes between them? Are some more literal and... more


Can You Solve This Problem?

A person is a vessel in which good or evil grows. Over time, a person could polarize toward good or evil, or could sit still and hide out. This movement toward or away from good is a product of a... more


Discuss the benefits and liabilities of embracing a view of karma and rebirth?

I havediscuss uses this question in class and unfortunately, I do not have the text box to study, and am unable to use myself as a reference for I am not very familiar with religious terms and... more

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