What is the simplified form of (-5x ^-3y^4) ^2?


The volume of a sphere is 62,500 ft³. What is the diameter of this sphere?

 Round your answer to the nearest hundredth as necessary.

its urgent help with chemistry plz

Consider the equation      2 C2H6 +  7 O2 --->  4 CO2 +  6H2OHow many grams of H2O are produced from 268.5 grams of C2H6 ?


Can Volume Affect Reaction Rate for liquid solution

Will decreasing the volume (size of container) affect the reaction rate for the following phase destination?X (s) + YZ (aq) ---> XY (aq) + Z (g)The reactants are solid and aq, changing the... more


What is the square root of 100/81

√100/81 is what im looking for the 100/81 is a fraction

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