1.) Complete the blanks with the DIRECT OBJECT pronoun that correctly replaces the direct object noun. DO NOT TYPE CAPS OR PUNCTUATION.EJEMPLO: Compro un suéter verde. -- Yo... more

Composition of Functions HW Algebra 2

Given 𝒇(𝒙)=𝒙+𝟒 and 𝒈(𝒙)=𝒙𝟐+𝟐𝒙+𝟏, find each function or value.  1) [f∘g](x)  2) [g∘f](x)3) [f∘g](6)          4) [g∘f](−3)Use the table to find each value  5) [g∘f](0)6) [h∘g](−2)   x f(x). g(x). ... more

The polynomial of degree 4, P ( x ) , has a root of multiplicity 2 at x = 1 and roots of multiplicity 1 at x = 0 and x = − 3 . It goes through the point ( 5 , 64 ) .

The polynomial of degree 4, P(x), has a root of multiplicity 2 at x=1 and roots of multiplicity 1 at x=0 and x=−3. It goes through the point (5,64).Find formula in simplest form:

Let f(x) = 3x2 – 2x + 6 and g(x) = 7x – 4. Identify the rule for g(f(x)) + g(x).

Let f(x) = 3x2 – 2x + 6 and g(x) = 7x – 4. Identify the rule for g(f(x)) + g(x).


write the simplest polynomial function with the given zeros. 2i and -3

It has to be in simplest form.


Select the statement that best describes the solutions to the equation . x-3=square root 4x+9

 A)Both x=0 and x=10 are extraneous solutions B) Only x=0 is a valid solution; whereas x=10 is an extraneous solution. C)Only x=10 is a valid solution; whereas x=0 is an extraneous solution D)... more

Can you help me on my Spanish? Complete the paragraph with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses in the past or the imperfect.

Lo 24. ____________________ (comer) todo.Más tarde, ella 25. ____________________ (subir) al segundo piso de la casa.Solamente 26. ____________________ (haber) un cuarto.27. ____________________... more


Polynomial Functions

In order state the degree, type, and leading coefficient.f(x)=-5x^2-6-4x


using point slope form write the equation of the line through (1,-5) and perpindicular to -3x+2y=12

please help asap bc i have no idea how to do this

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