limiting reagent problem

Pure magnesium metal is often found as ribbons and can easily burn in the presence of oxygen. When 4.69 g of magnesium ribbon burns with 8.72 g of oxygen, a bright, white light and a white, powdery... more

Name the product(s) that are produced and classify the reaction?

2,2-dimethylpropane is added to chlorine gas to create______? type of reaction: (addition, substitution, elimination?)


Why should iodine not be added to a basic solution?


NMR spectroscopy - structure elucidation

What are the possible structures for molecular formula C3H8Cl That shows one doublet And one septet In proton NMR spectrum?


How do I calculate the molarity of the hydrochloric acid in the original 25ml.

NaOH + HCl = H2O + NaCl25ml of HClvolume used 32ml of NaOh


What is the no. of nucleons for deuterium?

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