Real Solutions & Eqautions

X sqaured plus twenty-five equal to zero


mixture numbers

a mixture of 5% disinfectant solution is to be made from 6% and 3% disinfectant solutions. How much of each solutions should be used if 21 gallons of 5% solutions are needed?


solving a value mixture problem using a linear equation

At the movie theatre, child admission is $6.00 and adult admission is $9.10. On Friday, 161 tickets were sold for a total sales of $1232.60. How many child tickets were sold that day?

A chef plans to mix 100% vinegar with Italian dressing. The Italian dressing contains 7% vinegar. The chef wants to make 310 milliliters of a mixture that contains 19% vinegar.

A chef plans to mix 100% vinegar with Italian dressing. The Italian dressing contains 7% vinegar. The chef wants to make 310 milliliters of a mixture that contains 19% vinegar. How much vinegar and... more

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