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1=(a)log(4)+(a)log(2) , can I factor out a then combine the logs and divide by the logs?

Am I able to do this?1=(a)log(4)+(a)log(2)1=a(log(4)+log(2))1=a(log(8))a=1/log(8)


On a number line, AB=BC=CD. If AD=12, then what is the length of AB?

The number line from mathematics in the GED.

Maria is 2 years older than Sue, & the sum of their ages is 26. How old is Sue?

Pls explain the equation and the variables 


Magnitude of a vector

If A = 6i -8j and B = - 16i + 5j , what is the magnitude of the vector C = 2A - B ?    


If the area of a square playground is 256.054 metres, what is the length of One side of the playground

This is about square and square roots


what is the value of x in |-6|=x

selct one: a. 6 and -6 b. -6 c. 0 d.6  

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