1) Bob ate 5 pieces of candy, Brooke ate -3 as much as bob how many did brooke eat

I have more than one question:1) Bob ate 5 pieces of candy, Brooke ate -3 as much as bob, how many did they eat all together?2) Madi had 2 dogs, then she got a guinea pig, and one dog ran away, how... more


Each piece has a base of 6 inches and a height of 6 inches. If the quilt will use 24 pieces, then what is the area of the fabric

I need this for school and Iam doing this description because I have too.


help fast please

What is the total surface area of a right rectangular prism with a base of 2 cm by 3 cm and a height of 6 cm? A) 13 cm2. B) 72 cm2. C) 113 cm2. D) 226 cm2.   The L=2      w=3      h=6

11 more than w

Write an algebraic expression for each word phrase.


having trouble with this problem please help


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