U-substitution question

How do you know when to change the limits of integration when doing u-substitution? Would it be wrong to use the limits given?


If d/dx [f(3x)]=x^2, then determine f'(x).

a.) x2/27b.) x2/9c.) x2/3d.) x2e.) 3x2


What causes a force field to be "non-conservative?"?

A [conservative force](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservative_force) field is one in which all that matters is that a particle goes from point A to point B. The time (or otherwise) path involved... more


What determines the speed of waves in water?

While I was walking my dog this morning, I passed over a canal filled with boats, barges, and kayaks all of different masses and moving at different speeds. I noticed that all of these vessels left... more


How can I prove that |sin x|≤1?

How would I solve for x if it's in an exponent?

This is the problem. I'm stuck because it's in an exponent. I think I'd make the bases the same but I'm not sure where to go from there.    8 ^ (6 · x − 7) = 64 ^ (7· x − 2)   also would I... more


A soccer ball is kicked with some initial velocity v at some angle ? such...

A soccer ball is kicked with some initial velocity v at some angle θ such that its path in the air follows the equationy=1.0+1.73x-1.225x^2where (x,y) is the coordinate of the ball along its path... more


olve this equation by factoring. Remember va vb = vab...

Solve this equation by factoring. Remember √a √b = √ab √6 x^2-x-√6 =0

could someone help me im super stressed about this/

Factor the polynomial completely.   48a5b2−24a4b3+3a3b4  

what is the equation? and graph your profit

A case is of water is $15 and a bag of candy costs $10. You plan to sell the waters for $2 and the candy for $1. If you initially bought 3 cases of water and 2 bags of candy. write your equation.

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