What is the best way to prepare for the NCLEX-RN?

The NCLEX-RN is the measurement tool created by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to evaluate a graduate professional nurse's cognitive knowledge and critical thinking skills needed... more


What is the difference between the "octet" approach to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus management compared to the "triumverate" approach?

Traditionally, management of Type 2 DM follows a three prong approach: Diet, exercise, medications to achieve normal glycemic blood levels. The "octet" approach considers eight impaired body... more

Does use of NSAIDs prolong recovery time from febrile illness?

My understanding's that fever's an immune system response to pathogens. Would suppression of this response delay time to recovery?

At what daily dose does daily aspirin use become dangerous for a long-term user?

Many people take 80-300mg a day of aspirin for cardiovascular reasons; while, from what I've seen online, arthritis patients take up to 3000mg a day (is this correct?). But what are the increased... more

Do fiber pills interfere with prescrption medications?

Do fiber pills interfere with the absorption or efficacy of prescrption medications?


Can cold air cause shortening of breath?

Do anti-inflammatory painkillers speed up healing?

With a recent case of whiplash as a result of being on the receiving end of a car accident, I'm now wondering whether taking ibuprofen 4-7 times a week will help me heal quicker/more... more

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