I know it's not B.. what would the answer be?

Which of the following is associated with fission but not fusion? A. HydrogenB. Mass-energy equivalence C. Radioactive wasteD. Uranium


Type the degree of the polynomial 32(x^4)(y^5) - 22xy + 16(x^2)(y^8).

Just type the number. Example: For x^3, just type: 3


The tyre of a car wheel has an outer diameter of 30 cm. How many times will the wheel rotate on a journey of 5km.

This is a nice question to ask, try your best to find it.

Equilateral triangle with perpendicular height h

I don't know how to go about this question : An Equilateral triangle has perpendicular height h. A) find the length of each side, in terms of h B) without using your calculator, show that the area... more

show that (1+sin?)/cos? = cos?/(1-sin?)

(1+sin theta)/cos theta is equal to cos theta/(1-sin theta) pls i hav tried buh it seems undefined


if 2700 gallons of gas was sold at $4.30, how many gallons ill sell if the price fell to $4.10

round to the nearest whole number


If y varies inversely with the square of x and y =9 when x=3, find y when x=0.6

answer in integer or decimal

If there a formula for solving time related questions???????????????????????????????????????

It takes Sarah 5 hours to complete a task and it takes Ben 4 hours to complete the same task. If Sarah and Ben work together, and Ben leaves after 2 hours, how much longer must Sarah work to... more

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