A Zn wire and Ag/AgCl reference electrode (E° = 0.197 V) are placed into a solution of ZnSO4.

A Zn wire and Ag/AgCl reference electrode (E° = 0.197 V) are placed into a solution of ZnSO4. The Zn wire is attached to the positive terminal and the Ag/AgCl electrode is attached to the negative... more


Kayla moved a full shopping bag using the force of 25 Newtons over a distance of 10 meters. How much energy did Kayla use to move the bag

Kayla moved something 25 Newtons over a distance of 10 meters how much energy did she use.   IDK what she did I need help 


need help working out a chemistry problem

What is the new mass/volume (m/v)% of a KOH solution that is prepared by diluting 110 mL of a 6% (m/v) KOH solution to 330 mL?   A) 2% B) 1% C) 6% D) 12% E) 18%


need help working out this problem

What is the mass of neon that exerts a pressure of 720. mmHg,with a temperature of -15.0 °C , when the volume of the container is 760. mL?   A) 0.0340 g B) 0.686 g C) 0.615 g D) 517 g E) 25.8 g


Solve for the correct number of moles (Show Work Please)

Equation: 2AgNO3 + ZnCl2 = Zn(NO3)2 + AgCl   Given: .50 mol AgNO3 react


If the car goes 4 miles in 5 minutes how far will the car have gone in 30 minutes.

please answer the question ASAP


Name the organic families present in the antibiotic amoxicillin. (Select all that apply.)

Amine Sulfide Carboxylic Acid Amide Ether Ester Ketone Aldehyde Disulfide Phenol


Which pairs of molecules can form a hydrogen bond with one another? (Select all that apply.)

A.)CH3CH2SH and CH3CH2SH B.)CH3OCH3 and CH3OCH3 C.)CH3OH and CH3OH D.)CH2=CHCH3 and CH2=CHCH3


solubility rules

use solubility rules to predict whether or not a precipitation reaction will occur when the following aqueous solutions are mixed. write the molecular and the net ionic equation for each reaction... more


If 13.3 g of CaCl2 are present in 150 mL of aqueous solution, what is the concentration in terms of the following?

a. molarity b. weight/volume percent c. parts per thousand d. parts per million e. parts per billion


Please help me answering the question in the description box

A student collects 450. mL of HCl gas at a pressure of 101 kPa and a temperature of 17ºC. What would the volume of the gas be if the temperature was increased to 25ºC and the pressure was increased... more

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