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Given that one root of x^4+10x^3+35x^2+50x+34=0 is -4+i, find the other three roots

I have not done an equation like this in a long time and I need help.

Fencing area

The owner of the Rancho Los Feliz has 3120 yd of fencing to enclose a rectangular piece of grazing land along the straight portion of a river and then subdivide it by means of a fence running... more

Maximum profit

Phillip, the proprietor of a vineyard, estimates that the first 10000 bottles of wine produced this season will fetch a profit of $3 per bottle. However, the profit from each bottle beyond 10000... more


what is 0.5 multiplied by 30sin(x) +15 +15

(1/2)((30sin(a) +15 )+15) please explain how


Solve tan 2x - cot x = 0

Solve tan 2x - cot x = 0 for the interval [0, 2pi)

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