when solving a quadratic equation by graphing, we find the roots using which of the following?

a. vertex b. x-intercepts c. y-intercepts d. none of the above


identify the solution of the inequality

|x+3|-3greater than or equal to 1


Find the inverse Laplace transform?

Find the inverse Laplace transform of F(s)=3s/(s^2-s-6). Answer: f(t)=(9/5)e^3t+(6/5)e^-2t  


How do you divide a decimal from a decimal?

divide 1.79 by 10.5


I need help in factoring

I am totally lost in factoring and when I go to put the equation in for 2y to the third power plus 6y to the second power it doesn't show up.  How do I put in the exponent if its more than to the... more

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