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my dream salary

An executive in an engineering firm earns a monthly salary plus a Christmas bonus of 7600 dollars. If she earns a total of 87300 dollars per year, what is her monthly salary in dollars?


Percentages. oh boy!

A store is offering a 10% discount on all items. Write an equation relating the sale price S for an item to its list price L.


Vinegar and math!

How much 90 percent vinegar do you have to add to a gallon of 5 percent vinegar to get 20 percent vinegar?


Money Problems

A cash register contains only ten dollar and twenty dollar bills. It contains three times as many ten dollar bills as twenty dollar bills and the total amount of money in the cash register is... more


What's the difference between "I'll teach you." vs. "I'll be teaching you." ooking for any linguistic/grammar explanation.

What's the difference between "I'll teach you." vs. "I'll be teaching you." looking for any linguistic/grammar explanation.  Especially the use of be Ving form.  Also is there any semantic difference? more


participle with reading as it's verbal

What is a sentence that has the participle "reading"


The student government is selling baseball hats at $8 each. The group wants to raise $2480. How many hats does the group need to sell?

The student government is selling baseballhats at $8 each. The group wants toraise $2480. How many hats does thegroup need to sell?    


One number is 3 more then twice another number. If the sum of the numbers is 57 find the numbers?

Translate verbal models into algrbraic expressions

What type of clauses do each of these sentences contain:

1) We moved because our house was too small.   2) A tree surgeon removed the branches that were dead.   3) This is a book the children enjoyed.

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