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Positive Externalities, Public Goods, Game Theory Cournot-Nash Equilibria Pigouvian Taxes and Subisidies and the NBA part 5

This is  the fifth part of a really neat exercise which covers elements of Imperfect markets (Duopsony), game theory, public economics, positive external benefits Pigouvian taxes and... more


The relationship between the expenditure function and many others!?

I dont understand the relationships between Hicksian demand, walrasian demand (marshallian), the expenditure function and the indirect utility function (including the value function V(b)). I have... more


If I gain, then someone else loses. Correct?

On a very small scale, it's certainly true that if I gain, somebody else might lose. If I take away my brother's chocolate, then he will lose it, and will most probably not get anything... more


Is it possible to derive indifference curves given marshallian demand function?

In a two good world, will a marshallian demand function the likes of `D(p,m)` where p is the price of one good and m the income yield a utility function or indifference curve function? If so, how... more

Which utility function yields a constant price elasticity of demand function?

How do I know which utility function I can use to find an isoelastic demand function. And similarly, which cost function can I use to find an isoelastic supply function?Does it work through trial... more

Selecting the best utility function for households?

I have little to no background in micro, but I'm learning about utility functions. It seems that there are many forms of utility functions for households. In general terms, how does one go on to... more


Modern Portfolio Theory Vs Marginal Utility Theory?

I'm currently trying to wrap my head around modern portfolio theory and would love a simple explanation on how it differs from a marginal utility model (if at all).As I am understanding it, MPT... more

Utility Maximization

maximize U= e(x1+ In x2)^1/3

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