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Urgent Needed For Homework Algebra Word Problem College Algebra


Word Problem

Find the area of a maple cabinet surfacethat is constructed by a carpenter as a large square with sides of 12x feet and has a square cut out region whose sides are y feet. Factor the expression.
Urgent Needed For Homework Math


For each statement, write an expression then write its quotient or a product: The mean daily gain when $8 000 is gained over 6 days.

urgent help, please 
Urgent Needed For Homework Statistics Probability Probability & Statistics


Height Distribution with the 68-95-99.7 Rule

The heights distribution of a population is assumed to be normal, with mean height μ = 66.5 inches,and the standard deviation height σ = 2.4 inches. What is the percentage of people who are... more
Urgent Needed For Homework Math Help 5th Grade


Math question, please help!

I do not get this, and no one in my family is here to help me, please help!   Jen and Chris are selling fruit for a school fundraiser. Customers can buy small boxes of oranges and large boxes of... more

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