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Two Step Equations Fractions Finding X


How to solve two step equations with fractions

X/7+X/3= 22/14I've never been able to do these, and I've also never done one before in math and this popped up, is there anybody who can help me?
Two Step Equations


four more than a number y divided by two is ten. Find the number.

Two Step Equations


What are three consecutive even numbers with the sum of -84

Two Step Equations Prealgebra


two step equations that equal 17

Two Step Equations


How to solve 2 step equations

How to solve 2 step equations ?X/5 -10=12
Two Step Equations


in the equation 7n-12=16 n equals?

Two Step Equations


What does x equal in 8x+3=19

Two Step Equations


A gallon of gas g is $3.25 less than 2 times the cost of a gallon of diesel d. If a gallon of gasoline costs $3.95, what is the cost of a gallon of diesel?

I need help with this problem.  My mother does not know how to work it!

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