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Ratio And Proportion Math Algebra Word Problem


ratio and proportion math word problem

A family consumes q quarts of milk each week. The number of quarts this family consumes in 10 days is (1) 7q/10 (3) 70/q(2) 10q/7 (4) 10/7q(5) q/70
Ratio And Proportion Math Algebra Word Problem


Math ratio and proportion word problem

A man finds that he spends a total of y dollars per monthbfor heating oil during 7 months of cold weather. If he wishes to prorate his cost over a 12 month period, the cost per month is
Ratio And Proportion Math Word Problem


Ratio and proportion word problem

It takes a train c hours to cover d miles. If the train travels k miles at the same rate, the number of hours it takes is (1) cdk (4) 7y/12 (2) d/ck (5) 84y (3) 12y/7
Ratio And Proportion Prealgebra Average


Problem from the chapter named Average

The mean of the 5 smallest numbers from a group is 15 while the mean of all the numbers of the group taken together is 17.If the mean of the numbers leaving the smallest five oi is 18.25.How many... more
Ratio And Proportion Logic Problem Solving


ratios and logic

A landscape supplier buys 2 tonnes of fertiliser and fills an equal number of plastic bags (different sizes weighing differently) for resale. How many bags of each size will he have if:a) he fills... more
Ratio And Proportion Continued Ratio


If A:B=3:4 and B:C=6:7,find (I)A:B:C. (ii) A:C

I dont know how to solve it with steps and tell me why did you do those steps in a detailed manner please
Ratio And Proportion


The ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls in a school of 672 students is 5:7.When some new boys and girls are admitted,the number of girls increase

Continuation of question :by 8 and the ratio of boys to girls changes to 3:4.Calculate the boys admitted.   How to solve can you show with steps

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