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Difficulty Formulating Hypothesis - Conflict Between Theoretical Model and Assignment Requirements

Hello! I am currently working on a project for my general linear models class. The requirements of this section are as follows: "The problem should be stated in terms of causality where you are... more


percentage of population and probability of coin toss

hello there,I would to help me how to solve these two problems. 1- Assume the world human population heights follow a perfect normal distribution with standard deviation of 20 and mean of 150, what... more
Quantitative Methods


120 female students with mean score of 96.8 and 100 males with mean score of 102.5, maximum score 120,5% significance level

The same IQ test was given to a group of 120 female students and to a group of 100 male students of a college. The maximum score was 120. The female students obtained a mean score of 96.8 and the... more
Quantitative Methods


A number totals 4 times C and L

A. L=4C+X B. X=4(C+L) C. X=4C+L D. X=4L+C
Quantitative Methods Quantative Reasoning Math


if your car gets 24mpg and you drive 380 miles how many pound of CO2 would be produced by your trip(assume 19.8lbs CO2 per gallon)

Must show work and setup for full credit
Quantitative Methods


Sample mean greater than 8.25

Suppose it is known that the mean utility rate for the entire population is actually 7.59 cents, but that the variance is unknown. What is the probability of obtaining a sample mean greater than... more
Quantitative Methods Probability & Statistics


Please translate the following into standard normal probability distribution

(transform x to z) with Mean μ = 30 and standard deviation σ = 4. Find P(x < 40) ; P(x > 21) ; P(30 < x < 35)
Quantitative Methods


Indicate the null (H0) and alternative hypothesis (Ha)

Indicate the null (H0) and alternative hypothesis (Ha) you would develop for the following problems (I do not have to solve the problem) a) 5% of trucks of a certain model have needed new engines... more
Quantitative Methods


A standard normal probability distributions

Using a standard normal probability distributions characteristics please calculate the area (present a drawing as well) (a) between z = 0 and z = 0.78 (b) between z = -0.56 and z = 0 (c) between z... more


Finding the percentage from the normally distributed mean and standard deviation? Help please :)

So, this is the question I'm have difficultly working out, I've come close to the answer but my calculations are clearly going wrong, anyway, here's the question and the help would be much... more

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