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Consider a cube with sides of length 1 meter, denote one vertex by the letter A.

Find the sum of the distances from A to each of the other vertices of the cube.


The radius of the circle shown is 1 meter. Find the sum of the shaded area.

Here is the link to the figure.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yBTlcGu4SrGuRpeY_Pvv3PeBelcI_IxSTdVECD5GehE/edit?usp=sharing


In the figure, ABCD is a rectangle, AG=15, BG=6, and AD=28. Determine the area of rectangle EFGH.

Here is the link to the figure. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_v716ZbsRboCHtT6HR38yctLmMuBDtGiKfVgbQ3ieyc/edit?usp=sharing


All corners were sliced off of a cube whose volume was 2000 cubic centimeters.

Triangular faces are not located where the cube's vertices were. Each triangle is equilateral with 5-centimeter sides. Determine the number of edges on the new solid.

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In Russia you get into a bus, take a ticket, and sometimes say : Wow, a lucky number! Bus tickets are numbered by 6-digit numbers, and a lucky ticket has the sum of 3 first digits being equal to... more

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