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Angelina jogs 100 meters in the same time that Harry bicycles 150 meters. If Harry bic

 Supply a complete algebraic solution 
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How many minutes would you have to use in a month in order for the second plan to be preferable?

You are choosing between two different cell phone plans. The first plan charges a rate of 23 cents per minute. The second plan charges a monthly fee of $44.95 plus 8 cents per minute. 
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A deposit of $160,000 is compounded monthly at an annual percentage rate of 6.75%. How long will it take for the money to triple?

This is for one of my math questions. I need help ASAP
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A helicopter is being loaded at its current location and will take off and fly to another airfield. The other airfield is 410 miles to the West and 430 miles to the North. What is the straight line... more
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Verify the identity: sin(x+y)+sin(x-y)=2sinxcosy


y=-log(3)x+2. Find domain, x-intercept and vertical asymptote

y=-log(3)x+2. Find domain, x-intercept and vertical asymptote, I also have to sketch a graph 
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what is the multi-rule definition for the abs (X^2-2x-8)?

what is the multi-rule definition for the abs (X^2-2x-8)? I know that x=4 and x=-2 I don't know how to come up with multi-rule  
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use either the binomial theorm or pascal's triangle
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how do you solve equation by extracting square root? 2(x-5)^2=17

2(x-5)^2=17 How do I solve this using extraction of square roots? HELP!!


please, prove that 1-2cos^2x = tan^2x-1/tan^2x+1

The worksheet deals withb trigonometric identities and we have to prove each of them. I'm stumped on this one. Please, if you could help, I'd highly appreciate it!

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