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Power Functions


It says to use nth powers or nth roots

On part 1 of the test, there are 10 multiple choice questions, each with c choices. On part 2 of the test there are 5 multiple choice questions, each with d choices. Assuming a person answers each... more
Power Functions College Algebra


Is the function y=21*38^x a power function?

Write in y=kxp   y= k= p=      Also write in y=kxp    √81⁄x9    y= k= p=
Power Functions


the gravitational force, F, between two bodies is inversely proportional to the square of the distance d between them

 Write a formula representing the function
Power Functions Math Word Problem Pizza


Modeling With a Power Function...?

The number of pepperoni slices that Kim puts on a pizza varies directly as the square of the diameter of the pizza. If she puts 15 slices on a 10 inch diameter pizza, how many slices should she put... more
Power Functions Equations


Determine how many solutions has?

Without solving the equations below, determine whether each equation has one positive solution, one negative solution, one solution at x=0  , two solutions, three solutions, or no solution. 1.... more

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