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Fractional Exponents


fractional exponents

Can you give a clear explanation as to when fractional exponents can be reduced (or expanded)? For example (8)^(1/3) does not equal (8)^(2/6), as this second item has 6 roots (some of them... more
Fractional Exponents


13/17=u/12 solve for u

Fractional Exponents


Please help me out; factor and simplify x^(3/2)-x^(1/2)

factor and simplify x^(3/2)-x^(1/2)
Fractional Exponents


variables with fractional exponents

In Algebra 2, I am given the following problem:   (x3/4 + y-1/2)2   I am told to expand and simplify. How do I solve this?
Fractional Exponents Simplify


simplify 2 to the 4power/2 to -3power. I got 2 to 7power

24 ______   = 24 + 23 = 27 2-3  
Fractional Exponents


What is a fractional exponent? How are fractional exponents and radicals related? Do you prefer using fractional exponents or radicals when performing operation

This is the question on my homework. The problem is I am having a lot of issues with math language, Can you please explain?

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