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Which statement best describes the intersection of three planes?   

Which statement best describes the intersection of three planes?   A) The planes could form one or two lines.B) The planes could form one, two, or three lines.C) The planes will form two lines.D)... more



 One jet flies east at 880 km/h and another jet is flying north at 880 km/h. Do they have the same velocity? Do they have the same speed? 


Spherical and cylindrical polar coordinates

How do we diffentiate in between when to use spherical polar coordinates and cylindrical polar coordinates for a transformation in a vector calculus question(line integral, stokes theorem etc.)


Equation of a plane

How do we fins the equation of the line through (-1,3,2) and perpendicular to the plane x+2y+2z=3, the length of the perpendicular and the coordinates of the foot


Lineof intersection of planes

How do we find the parametric equation of the line of intersection of the planes x+y+z=1 and x-y-z=2 ?
Planes Geometry Area


geometry question

 A plane contains 11 horizontal lines and 11 vertical lines. These lines divide the plane into disjoint regions. How many of these disjoint regions have a finite nonzero area.   A)... more

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