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Modeling With Equations


Write A Real-world Problem That Can Be Modeled By 1/2x - 2 = 8

 please help me with this, i don't understand what to write  
Modeling With Equations How To Solve ?


A clock is marked 10% off and the sale price is $32.40. What was the original price?

 Can you help me to figure this problem?
Modeling With Equations Precalculus


How did Wendy spend on the train?

Wendy took a trip from one city to another, a distance of 170 mi. She traveled part of the way by bus, which arrived at the train station just in time for Wendy to complete her journey by train.... more
Modeling With Equations Precalculus


Jim and Bob use hoses from both houses to fill a swimming pool. It take 12 hours for both hoses. How much time is required to fill the pool by each hose alone?

Next-door neighbors Bob and Jim use hoses from both houses to fill Bob's swimming pool. They know that it takes 12 h using both hoses. They also know that Bob's hose, used alone, takes 70% less... more
Modeling With Equations Chemistry Measurement Word Problem


Half life equation model

An organic sample from a Chinchorro mummy was found to contain 54.29% of the relative proportion of carbon-14 found in living matter and the atmosphere. Approximately how long before the carbon-14... more
Modeling With Equations Applications Of Linear Equations


Modeling equations help

A car engine running at a temperature of 80◦C is then switched off and begins to cool according to Newton’s Law of Cooling. The ambient temperature is 15◦C, and after exactly 18 minutes and 9... more
Modeling With Equations


The diagonal of a rectangle is 8 m longer than its shorter side. If the area of the rectangle is 60 square m, find its dimensions.

The area of the rectangle was 60 square meters. Its diagonal has 8 meters longer than its shorter side. Find its dimensions.  
Modeling With Equations Algebra Sine


Finding alpha to model a sinusoidal wave

I am modelling a graph in the form y = Asin(ωt +α) +c, but I have got stuck on calculating alpha.   So far I have calculated... the central line is at y=100 A = 24 period = 38 ω = 360/38 =... more
Modeling With Equations


a pasture is twice as long as it is wide. its area is 115,200 ft ^2. how wide is the pasture?

width of a pasture, modeling with equations
Modeling With Equations


Mary has $3.00 in nickels, dimes, and quarters. if she had twice as many dimes as quarters and five more nickels than dimes, how many coins of each type does sh

Value of coins, modeling with equations

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