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Math Problem Help Conic Sections Parabola Vertex


Find the vertex of the parabola with focus at (0,7) and passes through the points (±2, 7) and (±1, 5).

It would be nice if the solution is also stated so I can understand it more thoroughly. Thank you!
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Dimishing returns weight loss word problem help

Mike was successful in losing weight. He had target weight in mind. He went on diet for 3 months and each month, he would lose 1/3 of difference between his current weight and target weight plus... more
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Math Problem Help

What annual compound interest rate is required for a $11865 investment to grow into $38155 in 12 years if interest is compounded monthly?Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent. 
Math Problem Help


Find the dimensions of a rectangular piece of property that has a perimeter of 610 feet if the length is twenty feet more than two times the width

Need Help on this word problem pls thank you 

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