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PostGIS - st_intersects using polygons that cross antimeridan/equator?

New to using PostGIS and have two situations that I'm working with. In the one case, I have a polygon that crossed the antemeridian and was detecting whether a two separate points located within... more
Latitude Longitude Geometry Geography Sql


Area between two longitudes?

I am trying to compute the area between two longitudes (using the angle between them) but am having a hard time. I can do that more easily between latitudes but longitude reveals to be... more
Latitude Longitude Triangles Mathematics Law Of Cosines


Tokyo, Japan and Tehran, Iran, lie on a latitude of 38 and 47/60 degrees and longitu...

Tokyo, Japan and Tehran, Iran, lie on a latitude of 38 47' 00" and longitude of 141 2' 00" East and 52 5' 00" East, respectively. What is the length of the line of constant latitude between these... more

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