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in a complete combustion reaction, 72.15g of pentane, c5h12(g) reacts with 300 g of oxygen

write the balanced chemical equation for this reaction   identify the limiting reactant calculate the mass of carbon dioxide produced determine the actual yield of carbon dioxide if the... more


what is the area of the patio in inches

patio is 20 ft by 35 ft  


If the price was $20 more than 3 times the price of the skirt, find the highest possible price of the skirt.

Mrs. Scott decided that she would spend no more than $120 to buy a jacket and a skirt.


i dont know how to summerize it

Bella went on a two-day fishing trip. On the first day, she caught 20 salmon and 6 trout. On the second day, she caught 16 salmon and 3 trout. On which day of the fishing trip did Bella catch a... more


There are 16 ounces in a pound. How many pounds are in 52 ounces

I really need help because I am failing so help me


An $86.00 dress cost $91.56 after tax. What was the tax rate?

I'm stuck on this math problem for like 30 minutes and i still don't have a answer please help!


As Damauri and Jade were leaving work they noticed the temperature in one of the tanks was 1.5 degrees below the desired temperature. When they arrived the next

I need help with a project about signed numbers and i was wondering how this question works


Maggie is buying a jacket. The expression shown represents the sales tax on the jacket price, j 0.08j

write an expression in terms of j to represent the total amount that Maggie spends on the Jacket, including tax.


check marks if the polygon has the given property

If the polygon has a certain thing like four sides you check mark it but its so stressful with exams

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