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x is the number of hours of laboring

certified remodeling: C(x)=25x+50   the cost for Certified Remodeling to build the deck is $__ and the cost for Master Remodeling is $__   master remodeling: hours:   cost: 2           ... more

vista bowl charges $2 for shoe rental and $3.50 per game bowled. Pinz charges $3.25 per game bowled and $5 for shoe rental

How many games can marcus bowl and spend the same amount of money at vista bowl and pinz

How many 300 MB flash drives did John buy?

John bought some flash drives, some had a capacity of 400 MB and others 300 MB. If John bought 14 flash drives in total and the combined capacity of the flash drives are 4700 MB, how many 300 MB... more

Maggie is buying a jacket. The expression shown represents the sales tax on the jacket price, j 0.08j

write an expression in terms of j to represent the total amount that Maggie spends on the Jacket, including tax.

The perimeter of a rectangle is 48 inches, and its area is 128 square inches. Find the length and width of the rectangle

how can you set up the equation to get the two answers

D = n(n − 3)/ 2 yields the number of diagonals, D, in a polygon of n sides. Find the number of sides of a polygon that has 90 diagonals

what do I put into the equation to find the answer I'm confused

what must be the same when you subtract the exponents in an exponential expression

i really dont know how to do this so can someone help

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