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How do you find the slope intercept form

y= -x +1

I have a x and y table.



That is the problem that  i need to solve. Could someone help me figure it out asap.

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2 Answers

two points on the line could be (2,-1) and (3,-2). to find the slope you can use the equation

m=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1)= (-2-(-1))/(3-2)=(-2+1)/(3-2)= -1/1= -1. to find the x-intercept we let y=0 in

the equation and get x=1. if you want to find the y-intercept you can let x=0 in the equation and 

get y=1 as your y-intercept. 

I'm not quite sure what you are asking for. But, the slope intercept form is y=mx+b, where m is the slope of the line, b is the y-intercept, and x and y are the respective coordinates for that line. if you are given two points on a line, for example (1,2) and (2,3) you can find the slope intercept form of the line that runs through those points by first finding the slope, using



So in out equation we now have m. Next to find the y-intercept we substitute the slope we found and one of the given points in y=mx+b, to yield 2=1(2)+b, and solve:



so b=0

and we can now write the equation for the line;

y=1x+0 or y=x.


It looks like you plugged in x from one of your points and y from the other.  The y-intercept of the line you postulated is (0,1).